Malaysians undervalue cruise holidays


Malaysians undervalue cruise holidays

You’ll be surprised to know that its possible to go flow-riding on a cruise. Photo: Wikimedia Commons


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Have you been on a cruise before? Many Malaysians haven’t been on cruise holidays. But, why?

Ninety percent of Malaysians underestimate the value of a cruise, and surprisingly, 70% are not aware that accommodation and meals are included in the total price of a cruise package. This was revealed in a recent survey by global cruise brand Royal Caribbean International.

According to the survey of 1,000 local respondents, 75% Malaysians think that sports activities like ice skating, rock climbing and mini-golf on board the cruise ship, will incur additional cost, with 20% thinking it would cost them at least RM50.

But they are wrong.

“Many local travellers are unaware of what is included in a cruise package. For example, the survey showed that 70% of Malaysians think that enjoying an ice show on board, or even ordering room service, incurs an extra fee – when it’s actually all-inclusive,” Royal Caribbean Singapore and Southeast Asia managing director Sean Treacy said.

“As compared to a land-based holiday, everything from accommodation, entertainment and food is already taken care of when travellers pay for a cruise package. Guests would not have to put aside additional money for certain activities on board, which means that they can then focus on relaxing, exploring and having fun,” he added.

The survey also revealed that at least two in 10 of the respondents or 33% did not think it was possible to have a skydiving experience on board, 23% did not think it was possible to go on an elevated observation capsule like the Singapore Flyer, and 20% did not think it was possible to surf on a flow-rider machine.

“We often have our guests tell us how surprised they are by the types of free activities they can do on board such as attending a circus school and enjoying bumper car rides,” Treacy explained.

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