Best time to get cheap hotel bookings


Best time to get cheap hotel bookings

If you are travelling to Bangkok you get good savings with your hotel bookings from July. Photo: TripAdvisor


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We would all love to know when is the best time book a hotel when we are travelling. TripAdvisor gives us a clue through their “Best Time to Book” Holiday report – it looks at the least expensive times to book during December and the New Year’s Eve holidays based on their booking averages.

The best time to get cheap hotel bookings was defined as periods when hotel prices were less than the average for the destination.

Here are results from selected regions. Asia sees best savings from September onwards. Hotels average RM281 for the holidays and decline gradually beginning in February to the end of December. Travellers that book after September to the end of the year can save 16% or more versus peak rates.

Travellers should shop for European deals beginning in March but can find consistent value by booking after mid-November. European hotels average RM422 for the holidays. Prices level out in March offering value for travellers and stay relatively consistent until prices decline 5% in mid-November, approximately 15% savings compared to the early year peak.

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Chomp a big chunk of your Big Apple holiday when you save on your hotel bills. Photo: TripAdvisor

Book US hotels starting in November. US hotels during the holidays average RM579 per night and pricing remains fairly steady from March until November when rates start to decline. During Thanksgiving (last Thursday of November) week, travellers can save the greatest amount, 21% overall compared to early year peak pricing.

Prices begin to drop for Middle East hotels starting in November. Average rates for the holiday weeks are RM667 and prices remain relatively steady from May until November, when prices drop 17% or more versus the early year peak.

As for popular cities like Bangkok – RM186 holiday average; book from late July to end of year for 13% savings or more. Hanoi – RM145 holiday average; prices under average until mid-November when prices begin to rise to peak prices, as much as 17% at the end of December versus mid-October rates. Singapore – RM462 holiday average; starting in August rates remain relatively low until the end of the year and travellers can save 16% or more versus peak. Tokyo – RM442 holiday average; prices swing by about 5% every week or two throughout the year.

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Tokyo can be expensive so any savings are welcomed. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Morio

Sydney – RM681 holiday average; Gradual decline throughout the year; by late August travellers can begin to find prices dramatically below average and save 55% or more versus early year peak prices. Istanbul – RM459 holiday average; from mid-July prices remain steady until a decline in mid-November when travellers can save 26% or more versus peak. London – RM760 holiday average; prices decline just below the average beginning in mid-September before prices decline in mid-November when travellers can save 20% versus the peak. Last minute bookers can save as much as 35% in mid-December. Paris – RM653 holiday average; start booking in early November until end of year to save 23% or more versus peak.

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Check and see what is the best time to visit London. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

New York City – Prices start coming down in mid-September from RM1,313 average to about RM1,242 per night, with another drop in mid-November. Last minute bookers to New York City can get rooms around RM1,118 and save 25% versus the early year peak. San Fransisco – RM700 holiday average; rates remain relatively steady from late April until mid-September when prices drop below the average and travellers can save 24% or more compared to the early season peak. For last minute bookers, prices drop significantly on Thanksgiving week and again in December.



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