5 music videos that inspire travel

What better accompaniment to your travels than a song about travel?

These music videos might just inspire you to pack your bags and get on that plane or hit the road. And even if you can’t afford to visit these places (yet), at least you can still enjoy the music videos.

1. Empire State Of Mind (2010) by Alicia Keys

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If ever there was a music video that could inspire one to visit New York, this might be it. Bright city lights, the concrete jungle, skyscrapers, a melting pot of cultures – this really is a city that has it all. While Keys’ music video shows the glamorous side of New York, it is the lyrics that contain references to various locations in the city – from the famed Broadway where aspiring stars head to and where dreams are made, to the impressive Brooklyn Bridge and the neighbourhood of Harlem. It shows not just the touristy sights but also describes the city’s essence in a way that a regular tourist usually doesn’t see.

2. Welcome To New York (2014) by Taylor Swift

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And New York does it again! Taylor Swift’s album 1989 also features a song about the Big Apple. This music video has a more energetic and upbeat feel to it, with lots of scenes of the fast-paced life in the city. So, if the thought of strolling down Times Square or taking a selfie at the Statue of Liberty appeals to you, then head for the bright lights. The song was also recently featured in the animated movie The Secret Life Of Pets.

3. Waka Waka: This Time For Africa (2010) by Shakira

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This song is cool, and not just when it was used during the 2010 Fifa World Cup in South Africa. Among all the World Cup theme songs, this one by Shakira is a great one to inspire you to embark on an African safari. With its opening war cry and pulsating rhythm, tribal costumes, dance and lyrics, the music video gives you a foretaste of the country. The song features South African band Freshlyground and draws its inspiration from traditional African music, with a blend of an Afro-Colombian rhythm with a Caribbean-influenced beat. It features instrumentation from a South African guitar, and the words “Waka, waka” are inspired by Zangalewa, a song that was recorded by Cameroonian band, Golden Sounds, in 1986.

4. My Name Is London Town (2013) by Reg Meuross

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Inspired by busker classics, this song offers a glimpse of the city, taking in both its good and bad aspects. It’s something that Londoners should be able to identify with, and it might also make you want to visit the side of London that tourists normally don’t see.

5. Gangnam Style (2012) by Psy

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Gangnam Style, the first YouTube video to reach one billion views when it was released in 2012, is a parody of the lifestyle associated with the Gangnam District in Seoul – the Beverly Hills of South Korea, so to speak. People from this area are supposed to be classy, trendy and hip. There are over 10 different locations in Seoul featured, but only two scenes are actually filmed in the Gangnam district. The sauna, elevator and bathroom scenes were filmed elsewhere in Seoul, including the World Trade Center Seoul, and the Songdo Central Park and International Business District Station in the Songdo International Business District. Originally produced for K-pop fans, the music video features cameos by HyunA, Daesung and Seungri (from Big Bang), Korea’s Nation emcee Yoo Jae-suk, TV comedian personality Noh Hongchul, and Hwang Min-woo (from Korea’s Got Talent). Now, doesn’t that inspire you to visit Seoul?


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