3 cities in Malaysia make the Top 10 Asian destinations for 2017

IF you want to limit your travels next year to destinations in Asia we have good news for you. TripAdvisor has come up with the Top 10 destinations on the rise for Asia and some of them are practically at the doorsteps of Malaysians.

Yes Malaysia has three destinations in the Top 10, the only country with such a high number – with Kuching, Kota Kinabalu and George Town all making the list!

Kuching is at eight spot, KK at nine and George Town rounds it up at 10. The top destination for Asia is Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan (also making it to five on the World’s list).

The awards recognise 43 destinations around the world selected by an algorithm primarily measured by year-over-year increase in positive TripAdvisor traveller review ratings for accommodations, restaurants and attractions, and increase in booking interest. This is the fifth year of the awards and Travellers’ Choice Destinations on the Rise lists were also revealed for the United States, Europe and South America.

Travellers’ Choice Destinations on the Rise – Asia:

1. Baku, Azerbaijan

Top 10 Asian destinations on the rise 2017.

Baku is top of the list of Asian destinations on the rise in 2017. Photo: TripAdvisor

Situated along the Caspian Sea, Baku is a heady mix of Asian and Western cultures, of the old and new, all of which is best reflected in the city’s sights and landmarks. Visitors can explore the famed medieval Old City Baku, hailed as a “must-visit”, which houses the Unesco-listed Shirvanshah’s Palace, and Maiden Tower. Admire the city’s contemporary buildings such as the Heydar Aliyev Center, designed by Zaha Hadid, and the Flame Towers – a trio of skyscrapers covered with LEDs and displaying the mesmerising movement of a flame.

2. El Nido, Philippines

Top 10 Asian destinations on the rise 2017.

El Nido has great natural attractions. Photo: TripAdvisor

Known as the Philippines’ last frontier, El Nido in Palawan is perfect for travellers seeking peace and solitude. Visit the off-the-beaten-path Nacpan Beach, ranked as Asia’s second best beach in this year’s Travellers’ Choice awards.

3. Jodhpur, India

Top 10 Asian destinations on the rise 2017.

Jodhpur is all about stunning forts and palaces. Photo: TripAdvisor

Jodhpur is a reflection of the royal lineage it has witnessed for centuries. Majestic forts and palaces, remnants of the glorious past, adorn the landscape of this popular tourist attraction. Travellers can also visit the impressive Mehrangarh Fort which is one of the oldest forts in India and “offers sweeping views of the Blue City”.

4. Da Lat, Vietnam

Top 10 Asian destinations on the rise 2017.

Dalat’s road scene is typical of most big Vietnamese cities. Photo: TripAdvisor

Situated 1,500m above sea level, Da Lat is also known as the City of Eternal Spring, offering cooling respite from Vietnam’s otherwise tropical climate. Marvel at French-inspired architecture and make a beeline for the Linh Phuoc Pagoda, an intricate structure with ceilings, walls and installations made from millions of pieces of broken glass, terracotta and beer bottles.

5. Jeju, South Korea

Top 10 Asian destinations on the rise 2017.

Jeju is an island with stunning vistas. Photo: TripAdvisor

A popular honeymoon destination, there is plenty to do in beautiful Jeju, known for its fresh seafood and natural attractions. Hike through Hallasan National Park, a Unesco-listed site that is home to Hallasan Mountain, the highest peak in South Korea and famous for its vertical ecosystem of plants as a result of the varying temperatures along the mountainside.


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